Come Visit the Park!

Rainbow at Parque EcoPaz while student group is visiting.

Something For Everyone


Parque EcoPaz staff warmly welcomes visitors from near and far. The park has lush forest, bountiful birds, butterflies, beautiful views, and unique relaxation and play spaces. We have a picnic area, benches, hammocks, areas and equipment for volleyball, soccer, mountain tennis, frisbee, 5 km of trails, a bonfire area, glorious sunsets, a grass-boarding hill, and a super friendly local staff...

Come relax, play, and explore! 

Costa Rican children riding the sled down the grass boarding hill at Parque Ecopaz.

What's Cool About Parque EcoPaz: People + Nature

  • Free of charge! Close to town & tours
  • Strong local flavor; built by hand... and machete
  • Playing a mejenga (pick-up game) with locals 
  • Unstructured time, exploration, and discovery
  • Communal space for gatherings, presentations 
  • Reforestation area/Bellbird Biological Corridor

Interested in doing more at the park? 

Check out our Programs to see how you can help. 

Two kids riding their mountain bikes on a trail at Parque EcoPaz.

Hours, Location, Parking & Rules

 Open 9:30am-5pm, Tuesday-Sunday
Closed Mondays, open for Programs only 

Local directions:

200 meters north of Bon Appetit Restaurant,

2nd entrance on the left through a big reddish gate on the road to Sky Treks, Aventura, Reserva Santa Elena...

Find us on Google Maps or on our FB page

 Parking lot is inside the park gate.

Park Rules:

No smoking or alcohol; respect nature and family vibe.

No entrance fee; donations graciously accepted.